Comprehensive support

Often, you need all at once. For example, when launching a new product, you need a package, printed materials, promotional website development, creative for advertising campaigns, banners and so on, in another words, you should provide full support for the product in design, printing, web and mobile development. Also you shouldn’t forget about the main corporate website support and so on.

It is convenient when you can get such a comprehensive service and support in the same hands.

In such circumstances we work on different goals at the same time, and to be in time we should have a strong and multiprofile team, special methods of workflow, approvals, documentation and any interaction with the client. For a long time we provide many of our clients with such a comprehensive service, so we decided to highlight this form of work in a separate service.

Below we show our main service areas on example of YOTA that we serve for a long time.
Ideas and creative and visual concept development for implementation in digital, printing and outdoor advertising.
Website, flash game and mobile app development. Website and web-service support, localization, adaptation, content support.
Print material development
Package development, prototyping, print material, POS-material development, booklet, poster, postcard, billboard development, etc.
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